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Why Verity?

Verity is the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems. We are a team of focused problem solvers that delivers cutting-edge solutions that work—every time.

Verity’s autonomous indoor drones have completed more than 300,000 flights. Our track record for building systems that are 100% reliable in environments where failure is not an option has earned us the trust of our clients in over 20 countries around the globe.

Our integrated inventory tracking system is powered by autonomous drone technology to enable zero-error warehouses for big box retailers, high-turnover 3PLs, and consumer goods manufacturers in Europe and the US.

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Our live events solutions provide lighting designers with new tools for expression to create stunning visual effects that help top artists like Drake, Céline Dion, Metallica, and Cirque du Soleil captivate audiences worldwide.

Our history

Our track record in warehousing and logistics systems began with Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics) which helped Amazon disrupt an entire industry.

Since then, we’ve taken robotics technology to the air to create the world’s first fully autonomous, drone-based systems. Soon after rolling up our sleeves together in 2014, we delivered the world’s first (and only) fully autonomous indoor drone systems. Today, our systems are being applied in widely diverse environments to transform businesses and open the door to amazing new possibilities.

From enabling the zero-error warehouse through autonomous inventory tracking, to delivering stunning visual effects for top performing artists, to enhancing drone safety with our Failsafe solution, our Swiss-built systems are engineered from the ground up to optimize safety, reliability, and performance.

Open Timeline

2014: Verity Takes Off

Verity is founded. An ETH Zurich and Flying Machine Arena spin-off, Verity develops the first-ever autonomous indoor drone systems.

2014: Sparked Flies

10 drones perform in the short film Sparked, a collaboration with Verity, Cirque du Soleil and ETH Zurich.

2015: Funding Launches

Verity develops its drone safety technology, making quadcopters redundant to propulsion system failures.

Verity raises 3 million CHF in seed funding. Lead investor is Kitty Hawk (a Larry Page company).

2015: Indoor Gets Real

Using Verity’s patented indoor localization technology, Verity achieves the first autonomous drone flight—indoors.

2016: Into the Warehouse

Autonomous drones are used for inventory control in a proof-of-concept with a large global retailer.

2016: Onto the Stage

Autonomous drones perform 400 client-operated shows in Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour on Broadway. This also marks the first commercial deployment of Verity’s Failsafe drone safety technology.

2017: Lucies Go Live

Verity launches its flagship Live Events product, the Lucie® microdrone, and continues to develop its warehouse automation solution.

2017: Swarming Metallica

Lucie microdrones tour with Metallica, marking the first autonomous drone swarm for a major touring act. Lucie micro drones perform for the first time aboard a cruise ship.

2018: Funding Accelerates

Verity raises 18 million CHF in Series A funding from investors, including Fontinalis, Airbus, and Sony, to accelerate development of warehouse automation solutions.

2018: Milestones in Flight

Verity achieves 100,000 autonomous flights and launches microdrone costumes, paving the way for new creative possibilities.

2019: Together Again

Mick Mountz joins Verity’s board. Verity CEO and founder Raffaello D’Andrea and Mick Mountz are inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for their work on Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics).

2019: Autonomy Advances

Verity sets a Guinness World Record in partnership with British Telecom for the largest number of drones flying simultaneously indoors.

Verity prepares for its first commercial pilot for its warehouse automation solution.

2020: Counts Climb

Verity achieves 250,000 autonomous indoor flights.

2020: The Rollout Rolls

Verity begins to roll out its drone warehouse automation solution with global leaders to improve warehouse operations in retail and logistics.

Our people make magic happen

Together, we’re creating the future of autonomous indoor drones.

The people who drive Verity’s vision, development, and reach are far from ordinary—and even extraordinary.

Verity’s growing team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, computer scientists, designers, and business professionals include some of the most brilliant minds in the world of robotics, machine learning, and drone technology. Today, we have nearly 100 patents to our name, and we continue to reach beyond existing limitations to rethink, reimagine, and rework the role of robotics in the world today.

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